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CA´RDIA (Καρδία: Caridia), one of the chief towns of the Thracian Chersonesus, situated at the head of the gulf of Melas. It was originally a colony of the Milesians and Clazomenians ; but subsequently, in the time of Miltiades, the place also received Athenian colonists. (Hdt. 7.58, 6.33, 9.115; Scym. Chius, 699; Dem. c. Philip. i. p. 63, de Halon. pp. 87, 88, and elsewhere.) The town was destroyed by Lysimachus (Paus. 1.9.10), and although it was afterwards rebuilt, it never again rose to any degree of prosperity, as Lysimachia, which was built in its vicinity and peopled with the inhabitants of Cardia, became the chief town in that


neighbourhood. (Strab. vii. p.331; Paus. 1.10.5, 4.34.6; Appian, App. BC 4.88; Ptol. 3.12.2; Steph. B. sub voce Cardia was the birthplace of king Eumenes (Nep. Eum. 1) and of the historian Hieronymus. (Paus. 1.9.10.)


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