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CARMO Κάρμων,, Strab. iii. p.141: Eth. Carmonensis: Carmona), a strongly fortified city of Hispania Baetica, ENE. of Hispalis, at the distance of 22 M.P. on the road to Emerita (Itin. Ant. p. 414), on a hill by the side of a S. tributary of the Baetis, now called the Corbones. It is first mentioned as one of the headquarters of the rebellion in Baeturia, B.C. 197 (Liv. 33.21; validas urbes, Carmonem et Bardonem), and again in the Julian Civil War, when Caesar calls it by far the strongest city in the whole province of Further Spain (B.C. 2.19; comp. Hirt. B. Alex. 57, 64, where it is called Carmona). It is probably the place mentioned by Appian (App. Hisp. 25, 58, where the name has been corrupted into Καρεώνη or Καρβώνη, and Καρμένη); and also the


[p. 1.522]

Carmelis of Livy. (Freinsheim, Epit. Lib. 47.24.) Several of its coins are extant; all, with one exception, being of the type here represented, namely, on the obverse the heads of various deities; on the reverse, the name of the city between two ears of corn placed horizontally. (Florez, Esp. Sagr. vol. ix. pp. 113--115; Med. de Esp. vol. i. p. 288. vol. iii. p. 31; Caro, Ant. Hispal. 3.41; Mionnet. vol. i. p. 9, Suppl. vol. i. p. 17; Sestini, p. 40; Eckhel, vol. i. p. 17).


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