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CHARADRUS (Χάραδρος), a place on the coast of Cilicia, between Platanus and Cragus, according to the Stadiasmus. Strabo (p. 669), who writes it Χαραδροῦς, describes it as a fort with a port below it, and a mountain Andriclus above it. It is described by Beaufort (Karamania, p. 194) “as an opening through the mountains with a small river.” The natives call the place Karadran. The mountain is mentioned in the Stadiasmus under the name Androcus. Beaufort observes that “the great arm of Mount Taurus, which proceeds in a direct line from Alaya (Coracesium) towards Cape Anamour, suddenly breaks off abreast of Karadran, and was probably the Mount Andriclus, which Strabo describes as overhanging Charadrus.” The river at Karadran, which was also named Charadrus, was mentioned by Hecataeus in his Asia. (Steph. B. sub voce Χάραδρος.)


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