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CINO´LIS (Κίνωλις) or CIMO´LIS (Κίμωλις), according to Strabo (p. 545), and other authorities, a place on the coast of Paphlagonia. “After Carambis,” says Strabo, “come Cimolis and Anticimolis, and Aboni Teichos, a small town, and Armene.” But the order of the places is not correct here; for Cinolis is east of Aboni Teichos. A place Kinla or Kinoglu, is placed in the maps about half way between Carambis (Kerempe) and Sinope, which is the Kinuli of Abulfeda, and probably the Cinolis or Cimolis of the Greek geographers. Marcian and Arrian place it east of Aboni Teichos, though they do not agree in the distance. Anticinolis was 60 stadia from Cinolis. Both of them were places where ships used to stay in their coasting voyages; and this is the reason that these and other like small spots are mentioned by the authors of Peripli.


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