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CITHARIZON (Κιθαρίζων), a fortress of Armenia, four days' journey from Theodosiopolis, and in the province ASTHIANENE (Ἀσθιανήνη) (Procop. Aed. 3. 3), probably the same as the AUSTANITIS (Αὐστανίτις) of Ptolemy (5.13). The citadel, which was a place of great strength, was built by Justinian, and was the residence of one of the five prefects whom that emperor placed over Roman Armenia with the title of “Dux.” It has been identified with Pálú, a town on the banks of the Murád Chai, or E. branch of the Euphrates, where there is an old castle placed upon a mountain, crowning the town. (Ritter, Erdkunde, vol. x. p. 713, xi. pp. 76, 78; Journ. Geog. Soc. vol. x. p. 367.)


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