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CLAVENNA a town of Rhaetia, but on the Italian side of the Alps, still called Chiavenna, was situated about 10 miles from the head of the Lacus Larius, at the foot of the pass which led from thence over the Splügen. The ancient name of this pass is not preserved to us, but we learn from the Itineraries that it was frequented in ancient times; as well as another, which separated from it at Clavenna, and led by a more circuitous route over the Mt. Septimer to Curia (Coire), where it rejoined the preceding road. (Itin. Ant. pp. 277, 278; Tab. Peut.; P. Diac. 6.29.) It was by one or other of these passes that Stilicho crossed the Alps in mid-winter, an exploit celebrated by Claudian. (de B. Get. 320--358.) Clavenna probably derived some importance from its position at the junction of these two passes: as does the modern town of Chiavenna, which is the capital of the surrounding district.


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