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CLIMBERRIS or CLIMBERRUM, a town of the Ausci, an Aquitanian people, afterwards Augusta. [AUGUSTA] Vossius says (Mela, 3.2) that the reading of all the MSS. is Elium berrum, except one Vatican MS. which has Climberrum. He adds that the reading of the Table is Cliberrum, and D'Anville also says that it is Cliberre. But Walekenaer observes that in the good edition of the Table by Von Scheyb the name is Eliberre. In the Antonine Itin. it is Climberrum. The termination berre is Basque, and is said to mean “new;” and irumn is said to mean “town.” It is doubtful if Climberris is the true form. There is a town and river Illiberris between Ruscino and the Pyrenaeum Promontorium; and this may be the same name as that of the chief town of the Ausci.


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