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CLYSMA (Κλῦσμα), the name given by Eusebius to the Heroopolitan or western gulf of the Red Sea, through which the Israelites passed on dry land. (Onomast. s. v. Βεελσεφών. Philostorgius (H.E. 3.5) says that the gulf was so called from the place where it terminated; which would seem to indicate that the site of the modern Suez was anciently occupied by a town of this name. In corroboration of this, Epiphanius (adv. Haer. lib. ii. p. 618) mentions τὸ κάστρον τοῦ Κλύσματος as one of the three ports of the Red Sea,--the others being Aïla or Elath, and Berenice (anciently Ezion-geber), both situated on the Elanitic gulf. (Reland. Palaest. pp. 471,472, 556.)


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