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CONO´PE afterwards ARSI´NOE (Κωνώπη: Eth.Κωνωπευς, Eth.Κωνωπίτης, Eth. Κωνωπαῖος Ἀρσινόη: Eth.Ἀρσινοΐτης, Eth. Ἀρσινοεύς: Anghelokastro), a town of Aetolia, near the eastern bank of the Achelous, and 20 stadia from the ford of this river. It was only a village, till it was enlarged by Arsinoe, the wife and sister of Ptolemy Philadelphus. Polybius, in his history of the Social War (B.C. 220--217), calls it Conope, though elsewhere he calls it Arsinoe or Arsinoia (Ἀρσινοΐα). It is mentioned by Cicero under the name of Arsinoe. Near this town the [p. 1.656]river Cyathus flowed into the Achelous from the lake Hyria, which is also called Conope by Antoninus Liberalis. (Strab. p. 460; Pol. 4.64, 5.6, 7, 13, 9.45, 30.14; Cic. c. Pis. 37; Antonin. Lib. 12; Steph. B. sub voce Leake, Northern Greece, vol. i. p. 152.) [AETOLIA p. 64a.]

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