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CONSILI´NUM or COSILL´NUM, a town of Lucania, mentioned only in the Liber Coloniarum, which enumerates it among the Praefecturae of that province (p. 209), and by Cassiodorus (Varr. 8.33), who calls it “antiquissima civitas.” We learn from the latter that a great. fair was held every year in a suburb of the town, to which he gives the name of Marcilianum. This is in all probability the same place called in the Itinerary Marcelliana (Itin. Ant. p. 110), and a local antiquary has pointed out a spot still called Marciliana, between La Sala and Padula, in the valley of the Tanagro, where there is a remarkable fountain, corresponding to one mentioned by Cassiodorus. The situation of Consilinum is said to be indicated by some ruins on a hill near Padula. (Romanelli, vol. i. pp. 405--409.)


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