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CORBEUS (Κορβεοῦς), a city of the Tectosages, in Galatia,according to Ptolemy (5.4.8). It is Gorbeius (Γορβειοῦς) in the text of Strabo (p. 568). Corbeus was the residence of Castor the son of Saocondarius. Saocondarius married the daughter of Deiotarus, who murdered his son-in-law and his own daughter, destroyed the castle, and ruined the greater part of Corbeus. As to these Galatian princes see Orelli Onomasticon Tull. (s. v. Castor). The name Corbeus occurs in the Antonine Itin. and in the Table, but the Table is quite unintelligible. In the Antonine Itin. Corbeus is placed between Ancyra (Angora), and a place called Rosologiacum, XX. M. P. from Ancyra and XII. M. P. from Rosologiacum. Cramer (Asia Minor, vol. ii. p. 97) says that “Corbeus answers doubtless to the site of Corbega, a few miles from the modern road leading from Angora to Kaisarieh.


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