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DABERATH (Δαβιρών, LXX.; Δαβειρά, Euseb.), a border city of the tribe of Zebulon (Josh. 19.12), apparently identical with the Levitical city Dabareh (Δεββά, LXX.; Josh. 21.28), and with Debir in 1 Chron. 6.58, though in these passages it is reckoned to the tribe of Issachar, as is also Daberath in 1 Chron. 6.72 (Δεβερί, LXX.). Its site is marked by the small Moslem village of Debûriah, which is situated at the NW. base of Mount Tabor, on a ledge of rocks, thus answering to the description given by Eusebius and St. Jerome of the situation of Dabeira, as a town of the Jews on Mount Tabor, in the district of Diocaesareia. (Onomast. s.v. Reland, Palaest. p. 733.) Dr. Robinson further identifies with it the Dabaritta of Josephus in the great plain (Bib. Res. vol. iii. p. 210), but this is very questionable.


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