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DARANTASIA a place in Gallia Narbonensis. The name occurs only in the Itins. and the Notitia of the provinces of Gallia. The Antonine Itin. places it on the road from Mediolanum in Italy over the Alpis Graia to Vienna (Vienne) on the Rhone; and the Table places it on the road from Vercellae in Italy over the Alpis Graia, also to Vienna. Both agree in making the distance from Bergintrum [BERGINTRUM] to Darantasia 14 M. P. Darantasia is Moutiers en Tarentaise, a place situated at an angle of the Isère, and the chief town of the Tarentaise. Moutiers is a corruption of Monasterium. The old name of the place, Darantasia, has been extended to the whole country called Tarentaise, which is included in the Duchy of Savoy. (See Walckenaer, Géog., vol. iii. pp. 26, 27, on the routes here referred to.)


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