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DARGAMA´NES (Δαργαμάνης, Ptol. 6.11.2, 18.2), according to Ptolemy, a river which flowed through Bactriana and fell into the Oxus, crossing on its way the country of the Paropamisidae. Ammianus states that the Orgomanenes (evidently this river) and the Ochus unite, and then fall into the Oxus (23.6). Wilson (Ariana, p. 160) thinks its modern representative is either the Dchas or the Gori river. Ptolemy speaks of another tributary of the Oxus, which he calls Dargoedus (Δάργοιδος, 6.11.2), and which appears to have flowed in nearly the same direction as the Dargamenes. Wilson (Ariana, p. 162) seems to think this stream is the Gori or river of Kunduz. Perhaps, after all, the Dargamenes and Dargoedus are one and the same river.


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