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DIBIO (Eth. Dibionensis: Dijon) appears to have been in the territory of the Lingones, a people of Gallia Celtica; for the diocese of Dijon was a part of the diocese of Langres, and was only separated from it in 1721. Dibio is only known as a town of the Roman period from two inscriptions found at the place, which speak of the workers in iron there, “Fabri ferrarii Dibionenses,” or “Dibione consistentes.” The place is described by Gregorius of Tours in the sixth century. Many Roman remains have been found there. Dijon is in the departement de la Côte d'Or. (D'Anville, Notice, &c.; Walckenaer, Geog. &c. vol. i. p. 418, and Voyage de Millin, &c. vol. i. p. 265, to which he refers.)


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