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DICTAMNUM (Δίκταμνον, Ptol. 3.17.8), a town of Crete, which Pomponius Mela (2.7.12), who calls it DICTYNNA, describes as being one of the best known in Crete. It was situated to the N.E. of Mt. Dictynnaeus, and S.E. of the promontory Psacum, with a temple to the goddess Dictynna. (Dicaearch. 13; Stadiasm.; Scylax.) Mr. Pashley (Trav. vol. ii. p. 29) identifies the site with a place called Kantsillières, about 3 miles from the extremity of Cape Spâdha.. Pococke (Trav. vol. ii. pt. i. pp. 244--245) has described the ruins, and speaks of cisterns and columns existing in his time; and in this, his statement agrees with that of the MS. of the 16th century which has been translated (Mus. Class. Antiq. vol. ii. p. 299), and fixes the site at a place called St. Zorzo di Magnes, 12 miles W. of Canea and 6 from Cape Spádha, on a conspicuous elevation of a lofty mountain. (Höck, Kreta, vol. ii. p. 158.)


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