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DILIS a place in Gallia on the coast between Massilia (Marseille) and Fossae Marianae (Foz-les-Martigues). The Maritime Itin. (Wess. p. 507) places Incarus (Carry) next to Massilia, then “Dilis positio,” 8 M.P. from Incarus, and then Fossae 12 M. P. further. The edition of Wesseling makes it 20 from Dilis to Fossae; but three MSS. have 12. Walckenaer (Géog., &c. vol. iii. p. 122) supposes that the number 20 is derived from some Itinerary which omitted Dilis, and gave only the distance from Incarus to Fossae; which seems likely. The modern site may be Carro.


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