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DOLI´ONIS (Δολιονίς: Eth. Δολίονες). Stephanus B. (s. v. Δολίονες) describes the Doliones as the “inhabitants of Cyzicus,” and he adds that Hecataeus called them Dolieis: they were also called Dolionii.

The Doliones (Strab. p. 575) are, a people about Cyzicus who extended from the river Aesepus to the Rhyndacus and the lake Dascylitis. [DASCYLIUM] The names Dolionis and Doliones are connected with the earliest traditions about Cyzicus; and in Strabo's time the Cyziceni had the Dolionis. Strabo (p. 564) found it hard to fix the limits of the Bithynians, the Mysians, the Phrygians, as well as of the Doliones, those about Cyzicus; and we cannot do more than he did. Apollonius Rhodius (Arg. 1.947) doubtless followed an old tradition when he described the Doliones as occupying the isthmus, by which he means the isthmus of Cyzicus, and the plain, which is probably the plain on the mainland; and here, he says, reigned Cyzicus, a son of Aeneas.


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