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DUMNISSUS a place in Gallia, on the road from Bingium (Bingen) to Augusta Trevirorum (Trier). The Table gives 16 Gallic leagues from Bingium to Dumnissus, and 8 from Dumnissus to Belginum. Ausonius, in his poem on the Mosella (5.1, &c.), mentions Dumnissus. After crossing the Nava (Nahe), which joins the Rhine at Bingen, he speaks of passing through forests without tracks, where there was no sign of human cultivation; and he adds,--
Praetereo arentem sitientibus undique terris
Dumnissum, riguasque perenni fonte Tabernas.

The route of Ausonius from Bingen was through the Hundsrück; but the site of Dumnissus is unknown. It is placed by some geographers at Denzen, near Kirschiberg. Belginum is supposed to be Belch, which in fact is the same name.


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