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Eth. EDREI (Ἐδρα̈́ί, LXX.; Ἀδραά, Euseb.), a town of the half tribe of Manasseh, beyond Jordan, mentioned; with Ashtaroth (Josh. 13.31) as a city of the kingdom of Og in Bashan. Eusebius places it 20 miles from Bozra. (Onomast. s. v. Ἀσαρώθ.) The Arabian geographers mention a, village under the name. of Edhra in the Hauran, which has been identified with Edrei, by Dr. Robinson. (Bib. Res. vol. iii. Append. p. 155.) Burckhardt had supposed it to be represented by Ed-Doad, a village between Daal and Mezaneib, to the east of the Hadj road, between [p. 1.808]Bussrah and Adjlun. (Travels, p. 241.) The site of Edhra is not so accurately defined, but Dr. Robinson says, “it is nearer to Busrah than is Deraa, according to my information.”


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