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E´LEPHAS the name of a mountain and a river of Aethiopia on the western coast of the Red Sea. The promontory of Elephas (Ἐλέφας ὄρος, 4.7. § § 10, 26, 27; Strab. xvi. p.774) was the eastern extremity of Mount Garbata, and situated between, the headland Aromata (Cape Guardafui) and the entrance of the Red Sea, in lat. 11° N. The modern appellation of Elephas is Dsjibel-Fil (Cape Felix). The position of the river Elephas is uncertain. (Heracl. Peripl. Mar. Eryth. p. 7.) It was, however, near the foreland of Elephas and in the Regio Cinnamomifera. Strabo (l.c.) mentions a canal (διώρυξ), apparently part of the river, or an artificial direction of its current.


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