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Ἐλεούσα, Ἐλαούση), a small island off the coast of Caria (Strab. pp. 651, 652; Stadiasmus), between Rhodus and the mainland, opposite to the mountain promontory Phoenix [CARIA p. 519b.], 4 stadia from Phoenix, and 120 stadia from Rhodes. It was 8 stadia in circuit. (Strabo.) This seems to be the small island marked Alessa in the latest maps.


ELEUSA (Ἐλεούσα, Strab. p. 671) or ELAEUSSA (Ἐλαιοῦσσα: Eth. Ἐλαιούσσιος, Steph. B. sub voce an island close to the shore of Cilicia, afterwards called Sebaste [CILICIA p. 622a.]. (Leake, Asia Minor, p. 213.) The name is written Eleus (Ἐλεοῦς) in the Stadiasmus.

Stephanus, after mentioning the Elaeussa of Caria, says that there are also seven other islands,--of the same name, we must infer. The writing of the word, as it has been shown, varies; but perhaps the form Ἐλαιοῦσσα is the best. [G.L]

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