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Eth. ELISARI (Eth. Ἐλισάροι), a people of Arabia Felix, mentioned by Ptolemy, at the straits of the Red Sea (Bab-el-Mandeb), between the Cassaniti on the north, and the Homeritae on the east (6.7.7). They are doubtless identical with the El-Asyr tribe, a district of Yemen, described by Burchardt as “the most numerous and warlike tribe of those mountains, and exercising considerable influence over all their neighbours” (Notes on the Bedouins, &c. p. 245); and Niebuhr has marked on his map of Yemen, “a town or village still named Elasera, on the hills above Sabbia WNW.” (Forster, Arabia, vol. i. p. 70, vol. ii. pp. 147, 148.)


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