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EMPO´RIAE (Liv.) or EMPO´RIUM (Ἐμπόριαι, Ptol.; Ἐμπορεῖον, Polyb., Strab,; Ἐμπόριον, Ptol.: Ampurias), an ancient and important city of Hispania [p. 1.826]Tarraconensis, on the small gulf (G. of Rosas) which lies below the E. extremity of the Pyrenees, and at the mouth of the river Clodianus (Fluvia), which formed its port. Its situation made it the natural landing-place from Gaul; and as such it was colonised at an early period by the Phocaeans of Massalia. Their first city (afterwards called the Old Town) was built on a small island, whence they passed over to the mainland: and here a double city grew up,--the Greek town on the coast, and an Iberian settlement, of the tribe of the Indigetes, on the inland side of the other. Julius Caesar added a body of Roman colonists to the Greeks and Spaniards; and the place gradually coalesced into one Roman city. On coins it is styled a municipium. (Liv. 21.60, 61, 26.19, 28.42, 34.9; Plb. 3.76; Strab. iii. pp. 159, 160; Mela, 2.6; Plin. Nat. 3.3. s. 4; Ptol. 2.5.20; Steph. B. sub voce Scylax, p. 1; Scymn. Ch. 203; Sil. Ital. 3.369, 15.176; Florez, Med. de Esp. vol. ii. pp. 409, 645, vol. iii. p. 66; Mionnet, vol. i. pp. 40, 41, Suppl. vol. i. p. 82; Sestini, p. 139; Num. Goth.; Eckhel, vol. i. p. 49; Ukert, vol. ii. pt. 1. p. 423.)



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