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EURO´PUS (Εὐρωπός, Ptol. 6.2.17, 8.21.11.; Strab. xi. p.524), a town in the northeastern part of ancient Media Atropatene, according to Strabo, originally called Rhaga; it was rebuilt by Seleucus Nicator, and called by him Europus. Strabo considered it to be the same as the town called by the Parthians Arsacia. Colonel Rawlinson has identified it with the present Verámin, at no great distance from the ancient Rhages (I. R. Geogr. Soc. x. p. 119). Isidore of Charax, speaking of Dura, a city of Mesopotamia, states that it was built by Nicator and the Macedonians, and that it was called Europus. It is possible that he was confounding it with either the Median or the Syrian city of this name.

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