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GEMINIACUM a place in North Gallia, on a route in the Antonine Itin. from Castellum (Cassel) to Colonia (Cologne). The Table has a route from Teruanna (Thérouenne) also to Cologne. The two roads unite at Nemetacum (Arras), whence the road ran through Camaracum (Cambray) and, Bagacum (Bavay) to Vodgoriacum (Voroborgiacum in the Table), and thence to Geminiacum. The distances in the Itin. and the Table do not agree, though they seem to differ less than D'Anville makes them differ. The next station after Geminiacum is Perniciacum, and the next is Aduatuca Tungrorum (Tongern), a certain position. The road from Bavay to Tongern is straight. D'Anville identifies the Geminiacum with Gemblou, and he adds that in later times Geminiacum was written Gemmelacum and Gemblacum. Walckenaer makes the place Vieuville. It was probably within the limits of Caesar's Nervii. A great number of places in this part of Gallia have the termination acum. De Valois (quoted by D'Anville) supposes that the Roman troops mentioned in the Notitia under the name Geminiasences, and placed “intra Gallias,” derived the name from the place.


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