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GERAR (Γέραρα), a town and country of the Philistines, situated between Cadesh and Shur, where Abraham and Isaac sojourned for many years. (Gen. 20.1, &c., 26.1, &c.) According to S. Jerome it was situated 25 miles south of Eleutheropolis (Betogabra). (Onomast. s. v.; Reland, Palaest. p. 804.) Its site was recovered by Mr. Rowlands in 1843, and is thus described: “From Gaza our course was to Khalasa; on our way we discovered ancient Gerar. We had heard of it at Gaza under the name of Joorf-el-Gerám (the ‘Rush’ or ‘Rapid of Gerâr’ ), which we fund to lie three hours SSE. of Gaza, within Wady-Gaza, a deep and broad channel, coming down from the SE., and receiving, a little higher up than this spot, Wady-es-Sheriah, from the ENE. Near Joorf-el-Gerâr are traces of an ancient city, called Khirlet-el-Gerar ( ‘The ruins of Gerar’ ). Our road beyond to Khalasa lay along a plain slightly undulated. This plain must be the land of Gerar.” (Williams, Holy City, vol. i. appendix; p. 464.)


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