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A people of the south of Palestine, reckoned with the Philistines and Canaanites (Josh. 13.3), apparently contiguous to the Amalekites, against whom David made hostile incursions from Zildag in the country of the Philistines. (1 Sam. 27.8.)


Another Bedouin tribe, on the east of Jordan, in the borders of the country occupied by the half-tribe of Manasseh, in the land of Bashan (Dent. 3.14; Josh. 12.5, 13.11, 13), in all which passages they are joined with the Maachathites. They were not dispossessed by the Israelites.


Geshur in Syria was apparently distinct from the last named. It was governed by a petty king of its own, to whose protection Absalom fled after the murder of his brother Amnon (2 Sam. 13.37, 38, 14.23), his mother Maacah being daughter to Talmai, king of Geshur. [G.W]

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