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Eth. GEVI´NI (Γηουινοί), mentioned by Ptolemy as a population of European Sarmatia (3.5.24) lying to the north of the Carpiani, and the south of the Bodini (Βωδινοί). Buchowinia is as likely a place as any for these Gevini. The name of this locality is generally deduced from Buch==Beech-tree, so that it==the land of the beeches. But the word Buch is German; whereas Buchowinia is Slavonic. Now if we allow ourselves to suppose the root gevin to be a geographical term (i. e. the name of a tract of land), we have a better derivation. No habit is commoner with the Slavic populations than to prefix to a noun denoting a locality the preposition po (bo)==on. Hence Po-morania is the country on the sea: a population on the Elbe (in Slavonic, Laba) was called the Po-labingi. As examples of this kind may be multiplied, the hypothesis that the Buchowinia is the country of the population on the Gevin (po-gevin) becomes allowable.


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