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GEZER (Γαζέρ), mentioned in Josh. 16.10 as a city of the Philistines, tributary to the Israelites of the tribe of Ephraim. (Comp. Judges, 1.29.) It was taken and burnt by Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and given to his son-in-law Solomon, who rebuilt it. (1 Kings, 9.15--17.) In the last passage it is joined with Bethoron the nether, with which it also occurs in Josh. 16.3, where the order shows that it was situated between Bethoron and the coast. Consistently with this, Gazer or Gazara is placed by Eusebius and St. Jerome 4 miles north of Nicopolis [EMMAUS 2.] (Onomast. s. v.) It is probably identical with the Gadaris of Strabo, in the neighbourhood of Jamnia. otherwise called Gadara. (Reland, Palaest. pp. 434. 678--680.)


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