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GRYNIUM or GRYNIA (Γρύνιον, Γρύνεια: Eth. Γρυνεύς), one of the Aeolian cities in Asia Minor, 40 stadia from Myrina, and 70 from Elaea. In the early times the town was independent, but afterwards became subject to Myrina. It contained a sanctuary of Apollo with an ancient oracle and a splendid temple of white marble. (Hdt. 1.149; Strab. xiii. p.622; Verg. Ecl. 6.72, Aen. 4.345; Plin. Nat. 5.32, 32.21; Steph. B. sub voce Γρύνοι; Paus. 1.21.9; Scylax, p. 37.) Xenophon (Xenoph. Hell. 3.1.6) mentions Grynium as belonging to Gongylus of Eretria; and it is possible that the castrum Grunium in Phrygia, from which Alcibiades derived an income of 50 talents was the town of Grynium. (Nep. Alcib. 9.) Parmenio took the town by assault, and sold its inhabitants as slaves, after which the place seems to have decayed. (Diod. 17.7.)


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