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Eth. HADRIA´NI (Ἁδσιάνοι: Eth. Ἁδσιανεύς), a town in Bithynia, not far from the western bank of the river Rhyndacus. It was built, as its name indicates, by the emperor Hadrian, and for this reason did not exist in the time of Ptolemy; it was situated on a spur of Mount Olympus, and 160 stadia to the south-east of Poemanenus. (Aristid. i. p. 596.) Hamilton (Researches, i. pp. 90, foll.) thinks that he discovered its ruins near the village of Beyjik, on the road from Brusa to Bergamo; but this does not quite agree with the above-mentioned distance from Poemanenus, according to which it ought to be looked for much further westward. Adriani was the birthplace of the rhetorician Aelius Aristides, who was born in A.D. 117. In the ecclesiastical writers the town is known as the see of a bishop in the Hellespontine province. (Hierocl. p. 693; Socrat. Hist. Eccles. 7.25; Concil. Nicaen. ii. pp. 51, 572; Concil. Chalced. p. 176; comp. Sestini, Geo. Num. p. 35.)


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