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Eth. HITTITES (Eth. Χετταῖοι, LXX.), one of the tribes of the Canaanites, whom the Israelites found in Palestine. (Gen. 15.20; Exod. 3.8, 23.23,). They [p. 1.1090]dwelt in the district of Hebron, and il the neighbourhood of the Amorites. (Gen. 23.7, seq.; Numb. 13.29.) Solomon compelled them to pay tribute along with the other Canaanitish tribes (1 Kings, ix, 20, seq.); but we find them at a later period (in the time of Joram, king of Israel) governed by kings of their own (2 Kings, 7.6). The Hittites are also mentioned after the return of the Jews from captivity (Ezra, 9.1); but after this time their name does not occur again.

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