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HYDRAO´TES (Υ̓δραώτης, Arrian, Anab. 6.8, 13, 14, Ind. 100.3), a river of the Panjáb, which flows nearly SW. from the lower chain of the western Himáleh mountains till it joins the Acesines (Chenáb). Its Sanscrit name is I'ravatí, which has been slightly modified into its present appellation of the Raví. According to Arrian, the river joined the Acesines in the territory of the Cambistholi, after having already received as tributaries the Hyphasis (now Vipása), the Saranges, and the Neudrus. (Ind. 100.4.) This is not strictly correct, as the Hyphasis falls into the Acesines somewhat below the Hydraotes. Strabo calls this river Hyarotis (Ὑαρῶτις, xv. pp. 694--697), which is perhaps the nearest to the form of the native name. Curtius, on the other hand writes Hydraotes (9.1.13). Ptolemy speaks of a river he calls the Adris or Ruadris, which is probably the same stream (7.1. § § 26, 27).


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