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HYSSUS (Ὕσσος), a small river in the east of Pontus, 180 stadia to the east of Trapezus. (Arrian, Peripl. p. 6.) There can be little doubt that this river is the modern Sourmun; for the port-town. at its mouth, which bore the name Hyssus or Hyssi portus, was afterwards called Σουσάρμια (Anonym. Peripl. p. 13), and, according to Procopius (B. G. 4.2), Σουσούρμαινα. This port-town, mentioned by Arrian (l.c.) and by the Anonymus (p. 14), is called in the Tab. Peut. Hyssilime, and seems to have been a place of some importance; for it was fortified, and had the “cohors Apuleia civium Romanorum” for its garrison (Notit. Imp. Orient. 27). [L.S]

HYSTOË, a town of Crete, which the Scholiast on Aratus (Phaen. vol. ii. p. 40, ed. Buhle) connects with the Idaean nymph Cynosura, one of the nurses of Zeus. (Höck, Kreta, vol. i. p. 434.)


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