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Eth. ICO´NII (Eth. Ἰκόνιοι), an Alpine people of Gallia. Strabo (p. 185) says: “Above the Cavares are the Vocontii, and Tricorii, and Iconii, and Peduli;” and again (p. 203): “Next to the Vocontii are the Siconii, and Tricorii, and after them the Medali (Medulli), who inhabit the highest summits.” These Iconii and Siconii are evidently the same people, and the sigma in the name Siconii seems to be merely a repetition of the final sigma of the word Οὐκοντιούς. The Peduli of the first passage, as some editions have it, is also manifestly the name Medulli. The ascertained position of the Cavares on the east side of the Rhone, between the Durance and Isère, and that of the Vocontii east of the Cavares, combined with Strabo's remark about the position of the Medulli, show that the Tricorii and the Iconii are between the Vocontii and the Medulli, who were on the High Alps; and this is all that we know.


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