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Eth. IGULLIO´NES in European Sarmatia, mentioned by Ptolemy as lying between the Stavani and Coistoboci, and to the east of the Venedi (3.5.21). Now the Stavani lay south of the Galindae and Sudini, populations of which the locality is known to be that of the Galinditae and Sudovitae of the middle ages, i. e. the parts about the Spirding-see in East Prussia. This would place the Igulliones in the southern part of Lithuania, or in parts of Grodno, Podolia, and Vollynia, in the country of the Jazwingi of the thirteenth century,--there or thereabouts. Zeuss has allowed himself to consider some such form as Ἰτυγγίωνες as the truer reading; and, so doing, identifies the names, as well as the localities, of the two populations (Ἰτυγγίων Jacwing),--the varieties of form being very numerous. The Jacwings were Lithuanians--Lithuanians as opposed to Slavonians; and in this lies their ethnological importance, inasmuch as the southward extension of that branch of the Sarmatian stock is undetermined. (See Zeuss, s. v. Jazwingi.)


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