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IMMADRUS or IMMADRA, a position on the coast of Gallia Narbonensis between Telo (Toulon) and Massilia. The distances along the coast were doubtless accurately measured, but we cannot be certain that they are accurately given in the MSS.; and it seems that the routes, especially in the parts near the coast, have been sometimes confounded. Immadrus, the next station east of Marseille, is placed by D'Anville, and others who follow him. at the Isle de Maire; but the numbers will not agree. The real distance is much less than xii. M. P., which is he distance in the Itin. ; and D'Anville, applying his usual remedy, alters it to vii. But Walckenaer well objects to fixing on a little island or rock as the position of Immadrus, and then charging the Itinerary with being wrong. He finds the distance from a little bay west of Cap Morgiou to Marseille to agree with the Itin. measure of 12 M. P.


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