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I´NATUS (Ἴνατος,, Ptol. 3.17.2), a city of Crete, the same, no doubt, as Einatus (Ἔινατος, Steph. B. sub voce Hesych. Etym. Magn. s. v.), situated on a mountain and river of the same name. The Peutinger Table puts a place called Inata on a river 24 M. P. E. of Lisia, and 32 M. P. W. of Hierapytna. These distances agree well with the three or four hamlets known by the name Kastelianá, derived from the Venetian fortress, Castle Belvedere, situated on a hill a little to the N. of the villages. The [p. 2.43]goddess Eileithyia is said to have been worshipped here, and to have obtained one of her epithets, from it. (Callim, Fr. 168; Pashley, Trav. vol. i. p. 289; Höck, Kreta, vol. i. p. 412.)


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