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INTERPROMIUM a village of the Marrucini, forming a station on the Via Claudia Valeria between Corfinium and Teate. It is repeatedly mentioned in the Itineraries, but the distances are variously given. (Itin. Ant. pp. 102,310; Tab. Peut.) The line of the ancient highroad is, however, well ascertained, and the position of Interpromium is fixed by ancient remains, as well as mediaeval records, at a place on the right bank of the Aternus, just below the narrow gorge through which that river flows below Popoli. The site is now marked only by a tavern called the Osteria di S. Valentino, from the little town of that name on the hill above; it is distant 12 Roman miles from Corfinium (S. Pellino), and 13 from Teate (Chieti), or 21 from Pescara, at the mouth of the Aternuis. (Holsten. Not. ad Cluv. p. 143; D'Anville, Analyse de l'Italie, p. 178; Romanelli, vol. iii. p. 117.) An inscription also mentions Interpromium under the name of Pagus Interprominus (Orell. Inscr. 144; Romanelli, l. c.); it is called “Interpromium vicus” in the Itinerary of Antoninus (p. 102), and was evidently a mere village, probably a dependency of Teate.


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