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JABBOK (Ἰοβακκος, Joseph.; Ἰαβώχ, LXX.), a stream on the east of Jordan, mentioned first in the history of Jacob (Gen. 32.22). It formed, according to Josephus, the northern border of the Amorites, whose country he describes as isolated by the Jordan on the west, the Arnon on the south, and the Jabbok on the north. (Ant. 4.5.2.) He further describes it as the division between the dominions of Sihon, king of the Amorites, and Og, whom he calls king of Galadene and Gaulonitis ( § 3)--the Bashan of Scripture. In the division of the land among the tribes, the river Jabbok was assigned as the northern limit of Gad and Reuben. (Deut. 3.16.) To the north of the river, in the country of Bashan, the half tribe of Manasseh had their possession (13,14.) [AMMONITAE; AMORITES.] It is correctly placed by Eusebius (Onomast. s. v.) between Ammon, or Philadelphia, and Gerasa (Gerast); to which S. Jerome adds, with equal truth, that it is 4 miles from the latter. It flows into the Jordan. It is now called El-Zerka, and “divides the district of Moerad from the country called El-Belka.” (Burckhardt's Syria, p. 347.) It was crossed in its upper part by Irby and Mangles, an hour and twenty minutes (exactly 4 miles) SW. of Gerash, on their way to Es-Szalt. (Travels, p. 319, comp. p. 475.)


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