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JULIACUM a town in Gallia Belgica. In the Antonine Itin. a road runs from Castellum (Cassel) through Tongern to Juliacum, and thence to Colonia (Cologne). Juliacum is 18 leagues from Colonia. Another road runs from Colonia Trajana to [p. 2.102]Juliacum, and from Juliacum through Tiberiacum to Cologne. On this road also Juliacum is placed 18 leagues from Cologne. Juliacum is Juliers, or Jülich, as the Germans call it, on the river Roer, on the carriage road from Cologne to Aix-la-Chapelle.

The first part of the word seems to be the Roman name Juli-, which is rendered more probable by finding between Juliacum and Colonia a place Tiberiacum (Bercheim or Berghen). Acum is a common ending of the names of towns in North Gallia.


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