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JUTTAH (Ἰτάν, LXX.), a town of Judah (Josh. 15.55), appropriated to the priests; according to Eusebius (Onomast. s. v. Ἰεττάν) it was 18 M. P. from Eleutheropolis. Reland (Palaest. p. 870) supposes this to have been the residence of Zacharias and Elizabeth, and the birthplace of John the Baptist,--the πσ´λις Ἰούδα of Luke, 1.39, being so written, by a corruption or from a softer pronunciation, instead of πσ´λις Ἰούτα. The modern Yŭtta, on the site of the old town, in which there are said to be indications of old remains, preserves the ancient name. (Robinson, Bib. Res. vol. ii. pp. 190, 195, 628; Ritter, Erdkunde, vol. xv. pt. i. pp. 638, 641; Winer, s. v.)


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