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JUVAVUM, JUVA´VIA, a town in the interior of Noricum, on the left bank of the river Ivarus. It is the modern city of Salzburg, situated in an extensive and fertile valley, on the slope of a range of a high mountain. It is chiefly known from inscriptions : one of which (Orelli, no. 496) describes the place as a colony planted by the emperor Hadrian; but its genuineness is disputed. (Orelli, Inscript. vol. i. p. 138.) Juvavium was the head-quarters of the fifth cohort of the first legion (Notit. Imper.) and the residence of the governor of the province. At an earlier period it seems to have been the residence of the native kings of Noricum. In the second half of the fifth century it was destroyed by the Heruli; but was restored as early as the seventh century, and still contains many beautiful remains of antiquity, especially mosaics. (Comp. Orelli, Inscript. nos. 496, 497; Itin. Ant. p. 235, where it bears the erroneous name of Jovavis ; Eugipp. Vit. S. Sever. 13, 24, where it is called Iopia ; Vit. S. Ruperti, ap. Basnage, tom. iii. pt. 2. p. 273 ; Eginhard, Vit. Caroli M. 33; Juvavia, oder Nachrichten vom Zustande der Gegenden und Stadt Juvavia, Salzburg, 1784, fol.)


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