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LAGANIA ( Λαγανία), a village of the Tectosagae in Galatia, 24 miles to the east of Juliopolis. It is not mentioned by any of the classical writers, but it must afterwards have increased in importance, for during the Christian period, it was the see of a bishop, and took the name of Anastasiopolis (Concil. Chalc. p. 662, and p. 95, where the name is misspelt Λασανία; Itin. Ant. p. 142, where the name is Laganeos; It. Hieros. p. 574, where we read Agannia). There is little doubt that the Latania in Ptolemy (5.1.14) and the Rheganagalia of Hierocles (p. 697) are the same as Lagania (comp. Theod. Syc. 100.2). Kiepert, in his map of Asia Minor, identifies it with Beg Basar.


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