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Eth. LAMETI´NI (Λαμητῖνοι), a city of Bruttium, mentioned only by Stephanus of Byzantium (s. v.), on the authority of Hecataeus, who added that there was a river also of the name of LAMETUS (Λάμητος). We find this again alluded to by Lycophron. (Alex. 1085.) There can be no doubt that this is the stream still called Lamato, which flows into the gulf of Sta. Eufemnia: and this is confirmed by the authority of Aristotle, who gives to that gulf, otherwise known as the SINUS TERINAEUS or HIPPONIATES, the name of the LAMETINE GULF ( Λαμητῖνος κόλπος, Arist. Pol. 7.10). Hence there can be little doubt that the city of Lametini also was situated on the shores of the same bay, though Stephanus vaguely calls it “near Crotona.” (Steph. B. sub voce l.c.) No other writer mentions the name (which is evidently an ethnic form like Leontini), and it is probable that the town was destroyed or sunk into a dependent condition at an early period. An inscription, which records it as an existing municipal town in the time of Trajan, is almost certainly spurious. (Mommsen, Inscr. Regn. Neap. App. No. 936.) It is generally supposed to have been situated either at or near the modern village of Sta. Eufemia, but this is mere conjecture.


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