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LAMPAS (Λαμπάς), a harbour on the E. coast of the Tauric Chersonese, 800 stadia from Theodosia, and 220 stadia from Criu-Metopon. (Arrian, Peripl. p. 20; Anon. Peripl. p. 6.) Arrian uses the two names Lampas and Halmitis as if they belonged to the same place, but the Anonymous Coast-describer speaks of Lampas alone. Halmitis probably took its name from being a place for salting fish. The name is preserved in the places now called Bïouk-Lambat and Koutchouk-Lambat, Tartar villages at the end of a bay defended by the promontory of Plaka, near which ancient ruins have been found. (Dubois de Montpereux, Voyage actour du Caucase, vol. v. p. 713, vol. vi. p. 460; Rennell, Compar. Geog. vol. ii. p. 340.)


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