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LITANOBRIGA in Gallia, is placed by the Antonine Itin. between Caesaromagus (Beauvais) and Augustomagus, which D'Anville supposes to be Senlis. According to his reading, the Itin. makes it xviii. Gallie leagues from Caesaromagus to Litanobriga, and iiii. from Litanobriga to Augustomagus. Walckenaer (Géog. &c., vol. iii. p. 55) makes the first distance xvi., and the second iiii.; and he places Caesaromagus at Verberie, near the river Autone. The Table mentions no place between Caesaromagus and Augustomagus, but it makes the whole distance xxii. We may assume that Litanobriga was situated at a ford or bridge over a river, and this river is the Oise. D'Anville first thought that Litanobriga might be Pont-Sainte-Maxence, for a Roman road from Beauvais, called Brunehaut, passes by Clermont, and joins a road from Pont-Sainte-Maxence. But the numbers in the Itins. fall short of the distance between Beauvais and Senlis; and accordingly [p. 2.198]D'Anville gave up Pont-Sainte-Maxence, and fixed Litanobriga at Creil on the Oise, and along this line the distances of the Table agree pretty well with the real distances. Walckenaer fixes Litanobriga at Pont-Sainte-Maxence. The solution of this difficulty depends on the position of Augustomagus; or if we are content with the evidence for fixing Litanobriga at Pont Sainte-Maxence, we cannot place Augustomagus at Senlis. [AUGUSTOMAGUS]


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