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MACALLA (Μάκαλλα), an ancient city of Bruttium, where, according to Lycophron, was the sepulchre of Philoctetes, to whom the inhabitants paid divine honours. (Lycophr. Alex. 927.) The author of the treatise De Mirabilibus, ascribed to Aristotle, mentions the same tradition, and adds that the hero had deposited there in the temple of Apollo Halius the bow and arrows of Hercules, which had, however, been removed by the Crotoniats to the temple of Apollo in their own city. We learn from this author that Macalla was in the territory of Crotona, about 120 stadia from that city; but its position cannot be determined. It was doubtless an Oenotrian town: at a later period all trace of it disappears. (Pseud.-Arist. de Mirab. 107; Steph. B. sub voce Schol. ad Lycophr. l.c.)


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