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MAE´NOBA (Mela, 2.6.7; Plin. Nat. 3.1. s. 3; Μάνοβα, Ptol. 2.4.7; MENOVA, Itin. Ant. p. 405: Velez Malaga), a town of the Bastuli Poeni, on the S. coast of Baetica, 12 M. P. E. of Malaca, on a river of the same name (Velez). Strabo (iii. p.143) also mentions Maenoba (Μαίνοβα), with Astra, Nabrissa, Onoba, and Ossonoba, as towns remarkable for their situation on tidal estuaries; whence Ukert argues that, since not only all the other places thus mentioned were outside of the Straits, but also Strabo's description necessarily applies to an estuary exposed to the tides of the Atlantic, we must seek for his Maenoba elsewhere than on the tideless Mediterranean. Accordingly, he places it on the river Maenoba or Menuba (Guadiamar), the lowest of the great tributaries of the Baetis, on its right side, mentioned both by Pliny (3.1. s. 3), and in an inscription found at San Lucar la Mayor (Caro, ap. Florez, Esp. S. vol. ix. p. 47), up which river the tide extends to a considerable distance. (Ukert, vol. ii. pt. 1, pp. 288, 349, 350.) This argument, though doubtful, has certainly some force, and it is adopted by Spruner in his Atlas.


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    • Pliny the Elder, Naturalis Historia, 3.1
    • Claudius Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, 2.4
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